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Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War S02 Episode 1

Welcome to the review of the first episode of the anime Bleach,


review of the first episode of the anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Welcome to the review of the first episode of the anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, which aired after a hiatus of years.

This is also the second and final season of the anime and it was called the Bloody Thousand Years War.

The Sealed Quincy King regains his pulse after 900 years
He regains consciousness after 90 years
And after 9 years he regains his strength.

These are the first words that were revealed in the awaited anime Bleach.


And the identity of the Quincy King has not been revealed before, and his name has not been mentioned by any anime characters.


All that was mentioned was that the Quincy were completely exterminated
But at first, it appeared to us that the Quenchi had not been annihilated as mentioned in the anime before. Still, they were preparing for the appropriate opportunity to appear, which is the return of the Sealed Quincy King.

Their power was demonstrated by infiltrating the headquarters of Supreme Leader Yamamoto, who is the most powerful leader in the Soul Society, and declaring war on him
Without fear and confidently, at the same time Kurosaki was fighting an Arrancar and Kan
He fights like a Quincy.


Arrancar was fighting strangely, trying to provoke Kurosaki to activate his Bankai. It did not work with Kurosaki, as the latter canceled the ability of this technique, which led to Arrancar’s surprise and escape through a mysterious process that we had not seen before.

So is the confidence of the Koinshi in defeating the Shinigami because of this tool robs the power of the Shinigami’s Bankai, or because of their King. He appeared at the end of the episode and cut off the hand of one of the Arrancar with the wave of a finger.
What is the nature of the alliance between them, or is there an alliance at all?
And the goal of the Quincy King as it appeared was
☆ [Peace] ☆

An exciting and exciting start, as many secrets were revealed that we did not even know about, and of course, as usual, Ostate Bleach is terrific, and the animation and drawing are good.
We are excited about the next episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

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Written by Jonathan

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