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Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War S02 Episode 2

Welcome to the review of the episode 2 of the anime Bleach,


review of episode 2 of the anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War S02 Episode 2

And finally, what the manga followers were talking about appeared to us, the power and grandeur of the Quincy King

The episode began with showing the weakness of Arrancar, and their trembling before the king, and how he used the Arrankar after that to kill them and take control of the Hueco Mundo (the world of Holo) in a short time and even imprisoned the new leader of the Hueco Mundo (of the Holo world)

And as the Quincy King said “it is only the cornerstone for controlling the spirit world”, but when they penetrated the headquarters of the unit commander (13) and killed the deputy commander, and annihilated the first division (116) in (182 seconds) means three minutes, and also the Research Department stated and Development in the spirit world:


“That the Quincy had a means (or a technique we don’t know yet) of transmitting the superiority of the barrier, this demonstrated to the Soul Society how dangerous and powerful the Quincy was to them.”

Nel came to Kurosaki to ask for help and after I told them what happened, Kurosaki decided to help, then came a scene that brings back old memories, and makes you feel nostalgic when Urahara came from the window and said to them, “Do you need a ride to the Hueco Mundo?“, Urahara is one of the best characters In Bleach for me and many followers.


When arrived in the world of Hueco Mundo, they witnessed a massacre (extermination) call it what you want. corpses everywhere, corpses of Arrancar and even Holo, and there was a blue flame, that turned out to be an intense flame of reishi (Reishi: spiritual particles).


The power of these blue fires, even the stones, and sand in the Hueco Mundo that normally don’t burn, have been burned, and the captives they took would be put to the front lines, treated as slaves, and tortured like absolutely worthless pawns that could be disposed of at any time.


But there is a sentence that caught my attention something said by the (commander) of the Quincy units:
“If Aizen has weak followers like these, that means he is not that strong.”


Even the new leader of Heiko Mundo was no match for the king. They seemed to be very self-confident and underestimated their enemies as if they had already won.


And the Quincy leader beat some Arrancar and said that’s really disappointing.
And there is the problem of Holo disappearing very quickly

From the world of the living and this may cause the destruction of the world of the living and the world of spirits and the reason was, of course, the Quincy who when they kill the hollow disappears forever, not like the Shinigami.

This “episode Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War S02 Episode 2 “was a prelude to the beginning of the war. Excited to see the abilities of the Quincy and how the spirit world responded to them.

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Written by Jonathan


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