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Manga One piece Chapter 1061 Spoiler

Initial Written Leak Chapter 1061

We start now with the most prominent leaks issued by the leakers about One Piece Chapter 1061
After the release of chapter 1060 of the manga One Piece, we see the acceleration of events in the manga.
With the last two chapters, things are getting more and more exciting in the manga. As Oda has already started revealing many secrets related to me and One Piece

Initial Written Leak Chapter 1061
Chapter Title: Future Island (Egghead) 1061

– The straw crew sails to the mentioned island which belongs to Vijabank

– A naval base located near the island, there are the children of Bank Hazzard and Tashigi and some members of the Sword

– Helemppo wants to borrow seraphim from vegapunk

helemppo, one piece, one-piece-manga-1044-luffy-despertar-gear-5-fanart-postcover-one-piece-1061-joy-boy-nika

to save koby

– Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonnie are separated from the others at the end of the chapter a girl appears and claims to be Dr vegapunk

– End of the semester There is no chapter next week

*Waiting for more leaks in the next few hours

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