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One Piece Chapter 1043 The Most Important Events!

One Piece Chapter 1043, One piece 1043, one piece manga, one piece anime, luffy, wano,kaidou,joy boy,pirates king

One Piece Chapter 1043

One Piece chapter 1043 continue to the Wano Arc as the war rages between the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies against the Monster Pirates.

Who will be the victory and who will emerge as the throne of the seas from this war?

One Piece Chapter 1043, One piece 1043, one piece manga, one piece anime, luffy, wano,kaidou,joy boy,pirates king

At the beginning of the last chapter we continued after the CP0 agent intervened in Kaidou’s fight against Luffy where Kaidou asked him what he was aware of.

Agent CP0 remained silent, which meant that he was well aware of what was going to happen to him. Kaidou dealt a crushing blow to him and it seemed that he had killed him with that blow.


On the other hand, we see Kawamatsu asking everyone to evacuate the place because the place is on fire and it cannot be extinguished and the samurai should not die in this way, there is no honor in it.

Everyone was surprised when Kaidou reached the floor where he was asking about Momonosuke’s location and asking for his surrender.

Kaidou said that he doesn’t care about my compatriots and that they are just slaves to him and challenged anyone who wanted to fight to come out in front of him. He said they had defied his judgment and would therefore face the consequences of their actions.

On the other hand, we see Momonosuke who is hesitant to surrender. Yamato told him not to give up, it would waste the efforts of 20 years of suffering.

Perhaps it is better that they die together than surrender. We also see Kid and Law who are trying to move and prepare to fight Kaidou.

Nekomamushi and Karut know what happened, while Nami denies everything she heard and says that Kaidou is a liar, which leads Kaidou to attack her, but Marco repels his attack. But suddenly, Momonoske hears Zunisha say something.

Zunisha said he hears a voice he hasn’t heard in 800 years. Joy Boy is back. Now let’s see what might happen in One Piece chapter 1044.


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