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One Piece Manga Chapter 1045 Spoiler

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One Piece manga chapter 1045 spoiler:

Important note: these are just some of the few data that were initially released

_Chapter Title: Alone in a Long Night

_Colorful Cover: “Those Who Make Us Smile!!” Includes Roger, Oden, Luffy, Shanks and Whitebeard exchanging sake and laughing in an awesome color page!

_Luffy fights like a road runner and Kaidou laughs as he smiles.

_Momonosuke asks Zunesha question (the exact question is not recognized).

_Sanji feels that Hiyori is in danger and rushes towards the nearby fire.

_ Zoro wakes up from a coma (Zorro’s health and psychological state has not been mentioned).

_At the end of the chapter, the giant Onigashima sword begins to shake the entire island

It will be verified shortly, but it is 90% real

* As we told you so far, there is no confirmation of the leaks

One Piece Manga Chapter 1045 Spoiler End For now

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